Monday, June 25, 2012

Portrait Custom Cookies

Last year, when someone called me and said, "can you please make a cookie of my daughter?", I shivered in my boots. 
I used to paint and sketch portraits of people during my artistic younger days, and the responses always varied. Portraits are a sensitive topic. Regardless of one's quality of artistic skills, a portrait is really about how an artist see you. Drawing from just a photo, usually ends up with a portrait that lacks emotion and character. Unless you know the person or sketch them with them sitting in front of you, you lose a lot of realism, even if its just a cartoon of the person.
However, its never a win win situation. If you personally know subject, they might not like what you see in them, or what they see in themselves through your work. Many great artists had famous and great powered people ripped up their work as they cannot face what stares back at them in their own portrait, ... or maybe its just a really ugly portrait LOL!!!!
So you see my dilemma?  
But! I do love a challenge. I love cookie projects that is fun and challenging. A cookie that stresses me out, and makes me wonder before, during and after completion.

Little Leila's photo had her sitting in a bath tub with bubbles. (Sorry, it has taken me so long to update my blog due to a very heart breaking year which rendered me 'speechless' for a while and was so empty I had nothing to share; I had accidentally deleted Leila's photo from my files)
She is CUTE as a button. With the cool hair do and engaging big bright happy eyes, her character jumped out of the photo. I had her mum tell me more about Leila so that I can do justice to her portrait. The option of painting a realistic picture of her was, well, not a very realistic option. It would have taken me literally forever with the number of cookies she required. So I concentrated on the 2 features that popped off the photo, her eyes and her trendy little hair do :0) and made a cartoon version of little Leila.
Her mum also told me that she loved making the "LOVE" sign (how adorable is she right???)
So here they are, custom cookies of gorgeous little Leila. 
Leila and her mum were very happy with it, so I shall mark this portrait as a success!

 Little Leila
PS: found Leila's photo!!!!! view here :O)

Here's a recent portrait of little Rachel <3 with a photo of her attached.
What do you think???
Shivering in ma' boots....

Little Rachel

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  1. Cookie~Cookie~Cookie: I think one of the things we do when we ice Cookies or Cakes or CakePops, is to give too much weight to "Opinions". We need to do what we think and forget about popular opinion. You product is done Beautifully and you gave it your Best and know the product is just you being honest with you.