Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hey there....

I'm back!
Well, I haven't really gone anywhere... oh! hang on, I lie. I went home to Australia and Malaysia for a few weeks earlier this year to visit some family. Make that lots of family!!!
My baby cousin got married *tear* and it was a beautiful beautiful gorgeous wedding.
Congrats cuzzies! *love*
Cookievonster updates... hmmmm.
Where to start.
Let me see.
Lets start with the newest addition to the family - Churchill.

In the peak of my crazy holiday baking, my Cuisinart mixer croaked on me, and it was only a year old! I had worked the poor baby to death! People, take note. Cuisinart mixer, pretty awesome. Has a fabulous big 7 quart bowl, functional shape and size. Whips and mixes better than any Kitchenaid mixer. I know this because when the Cuisinart broke down, I had to use 2 Kitchenaid mixers to do what the one Cuisinart did.
Problem with Cuisinart, it runs on an electronic circut board, its digital, and that's where it loses out to Kitchenaid. Since all functions on a Kitchenaid are manual, its straight forward, strong and durable. Anyway... the circut board on my mixer blew and I was without a mixer at the worst time possible. I had to order parts to fix it, bla bla bla, it was going to take 2 months, bla bla bla...
OMG! ARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was all I could think of while I freaked out.
Working with 2 little mixers was a huge juggle and by the end of the 2nd day without my Cuisinart, I was ready to explode, condemn the world, bite anybody's head off, kick in doors and walls, scream till my lungs collapsed,
i.e. be as dramatic as I could be :OP

Then... Christmas came early.
While I was battling with the 2 mixers, stressing out and making doughs in tiny batches, D came home and yelled, "make space on your counter for me now, now!" and runs back out.
I thought to myself... Oh no he didn't!!!!!
Was he absolutely insane, and I must say, brave, to dare ask me to clear my table while I was in the mist of baking.
The next thing I saw were these 3 guys struggling like mad and lugging in this monster of a machine.

It is huge, but silent. Strong yet agile and graceful. Its simply impressive and for any home baker,
its plain Awesomeness.
It has such character I had to name it.
So everybody, meet the giant of home mixers who has taken up a quarter of my island.
This - is - Churchill.

D and the whole family, mainly Dad *big hugs*,
had chipped in to get me Churchill for Christmas to save my 'behind'!


As for the Cuisinart. I got it fixed, works perfectly now, better than new too. And its sitting nicely in storage. I kinda feel bad for it, but oh well... I can't move Churchill out of the way even if I wanted to anyway :OP
Sorry Cuisinart, Churchill's here to stay.