Saturday, April 10, 2010

A poem for Cookievonster...

I was buzzing about my house of course, when I heard the 'You've got mail!' DING! *that would be the email "ding", not the door kind :OP

So I dropped the mop and went to see who was so nice to have thought of me today and had sent me mail. I love getting mail, any kind of mail. I do prefer the 'real' kind of course, especially the care packs which my family always sends to me from home.

It was my friend Connie who organizes the Vancouver Baker's Market. Cute as a button she is!

It was THE BEST mail I had ever received. She wrote and emailed me a POEM about Cookievonster. How awesome is that? Sorry mum dad and sisters... this beats all your mails.

Someone actually wrote me a POEM!


How Awesome and So sweet! And I love it! I'm so touched.

Thanks Connie, you are sooooooo sweet!!!!!!!!!! And talented! Ahhh... what other hidden talents do you have Connie?

Here's the Poem , I've read it like 10 times since I got it about 10 mins ago :O)

twas the night before (by Connie Mar)

‘Twas the night before Baker’s Market,

When all through her friend’s house,

Not a child was stirring, not even a mouse.

The Cookievonster would sneak in to bake up a storm,

A magical night where sugar cookies and creations are born!

Hmmm…what shapes to make?

So much to bake!

Sugar cookies galore,

shaped like bunnies, bees, flowers and more.

The cookies line up like little toy soldiers all waiting their turn

For a flood of icing and new techniques Evon has learned!

Some of them even lust

For a tiny bit more sugar dust!

Hooray, hooray! It’s Saturday.

A beautiful day to go to the Baker’s Market.

One by one, the cookies are bought

With coins from piggy banks or whatever you’ve got.

Oh boy, what joy! Such beauty in each one.

It’s a beautiful day, go and enjoy the sun.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

'TEA PARTY' with Cookievonster


Box of assorted freshly baked Mini goodies ONLY $10
A different TEA PARTY surprise every week
ONLY at the Baker's Market,
every Saturday 11am-3pm.

I've always dreamed of having my own little English Cottage, or an old Tudor mansion or castle wouldn't hurt, with an English Garden filled with roses, peonies and every other plant imaginable surrounding the house. All snuggled up in a cozy leather arm chair with a woolly blanket and a cup of tea... OK, so I lie, only Coffee for me, but cookies and cakes for sure! and looking out into my garden with one or two faithful companions by my side. How perfect would life be. Of course in my dreams... it never rains in England. And that's because I've been there twice and it never rained! How lucky!

I had mentioned that the 1st thing I ever baked was a fruit flan, the second thing were scones, some 4 years later. When I moved into my first house with my buddy Bruce way back then, we were so excited.
It was the oldest town house on the block, next to a train track, the whole house would rattle when the train passed by. It was cold and dark, the walls peeled, and as for fun, we used to throw things at the wall to watch the brick wall crumble into tiny bits. He took the room on the 2nd floor, I took the top floor. This house was so old it had a manual 'maid's bell' from the top floor.
We were sure it was haunted too. We used to wait for each other to finish school or after work late at night so we could meet and come home together, simply because it was a little scary at the beginning. I also remember the old wood fire place we'd use to hover over in winter to keep warm. There was a fire place in every room, not that it ever warmed up the bedrooms at all, smoked us out though, but it was nice!
The whole house squeaked, windows jammed, lights were too dim, BUT it had a working oven. It was the best fun Bruce and I ever had when we first moved in. He made chicken rice soup, and I made scones. I can't remember much about my scones, but I sure do remember his chicken soup, yum!

Where am I going with all this? Ever notice how certain food brings back memories of good times? Food and good times always seem to go together.

Oh yes, TEA PARTY! I love tea parties! I started organizing Tea parties when I was about 2, with all my toys, my plastic tea set, and some of mum's cookies. LOVED TEA PARTIES!

I still love a good Tea Party.
But I'd like to have it in England somewhere if I can :O)
For now, I'll have to settle for my own little tea parties in my back yard which I had spent the last 2 years turning into a proper garden from scratch.

'Always do what you love and you'll love what you do' people say all the time. Since I love tea parties, I had decided to make a box of TEA PARTY mini cookies and mini cakes. A perfect tea party should have a good assortment of baked goods, so I have planned to put together a variety of mini goodies every week till Mother's day week just for the TEA PARTY box.
I hope you'll drop by and grab yourself a box of my Tea Party goodies, and start your own precious memories of good times.