Sunday, May 30, 2010

I am... first and foremost, an Artist

My biggest love <3

Has any of you ever sat down and thought to yourself, "Am I a right brain person, or am I a left brain person?"
Here's a little test for you to try and see if you are a Righty or a Lefty

I'm a Righty
And am kinda proud of it! Kinda because sometimes I wish I wasn't so absentminded and a little less loonie! But, I like being who I am, I'm also a Libran, which adds to my Looniness

To write this blog, I did some reading on what the characteristics of a Righty are, and I giggled all the way through it. It was spot on!

Righties are creative, absentminded, philosophical Dreamers!

I am also sure I have a slight case of ADD and OCD. When I was working on projects like clubs and bars and restaurants, we were always nominated to have the cleanest washrooms, so imagine my house. I spend 80% of my life cleaning, and 20% stressing that its not clean enough. Things are never perfect enough for me, I can always do better. And I always wonder off topic, because everything interests me and I bore easily. And I'm starting to wonder what the point of this specific blog was about. HAH! That might be the Libran in me however. Oh, and its also because I am a dreamer and absentminded, and loving it!

Anyway, why this brain topic? I've had a week to sit back and not do any markets or baking or stressing about where Cookievonster was going. To reflect back on what my aim was, and trust me, this is hard for a righty, we don't plan; actually we do, but we most probably might not follow it, and we don't wrote things down, and even if we do... we'd probably make a few more list because we just find it more fun than actually following the list. Righties just do it, like the NIKE ad - DO IT! Set the target and DO IT! DOOOOOOO IT! I love saying that, DOOOOOO IT! heheheheheh
(Oh, any future possible investors/ partners in my business, have no fear... Cookievonster is here, heh heh. I might be absentminded, but I am extremely good at what I do, and everything else I take on. I literally just don't know any other way of doing things. Whatever I do, I only know how to do it at my very best, and I wasn't called the "bulldozer" in one of my past companies for no reason :OP )
oh dear, off track again.... My aim... and for those of you who have read my very first blog entry, my aim is to open up my own cafe in the near future.
Cookievonster just happen to be a stepping stone towards that aim. I have been working hard, putting my very best on all my baking and preparation for Cookievonster that I haven't had time to step back and analyze my journey. Its always best to remember who you are before you continue on your journey in life, because if you forget who you are, you will follow the wrong path and end up at the wrong destination. But if you ideally know who you are, all paths in life, good or bad, will lead you to the right destination. Well, that's what I like to believe anyway. So I try once a while to remember who I am.
Who am I?
I am a Righty!
And I am an Artist.

I was redesigning my website and was thinking how my custom decorated cookies were different from the rest. How? I am first and foremost an Artist. That is how I am different. To me everything I do is Art. From designing my house, to my furniture, to painting a mural on my wall, my cooking, my baking, my garden, my previous jobs, I see everything as Art. I see life itself as Art. I see beauty in everything.
My conclusion, I do not just make decorated cookies, I make edible Art. I take cookie orders that excites me, and from people who understands and appreciates it as Art. I make decorated cookies for the love of it, its not a job, its my passion to have a chance to get inspired and create Art for people who understands this. I give my best because I love it and hope others will too :O)