Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cookievonster makes Cupcakes too

Yeah, I do.... I make cupcakes too.
Only my regulars know this and they usually order the cupcakes with their custom cookie favours for their parties.
I kept it hush hush for the longest time, just because EVERYONE is making cupcakes.
And I wanted to be known as the Cookie Lady, more like the Cookie Auntie as all my friends' kids call me, but... I'm not that old!
So lets just stick with the Cookie Lady.
Or even better Cookie Missy perhaps? Pushing it I think :OP

Cupcakes are EVIL don't you think?
They're so so good, and oh so bad for you too.
But if you eat only one (if you can), guess they're not so evil hehehehe.
I make all my cupcakes with the good stuff!
Butter! Butter! Butter!
Fresh cream, fresh eggs, fresh fruits.
D describes the frosting as dreamy fluffy 'ice cream' on a cupcake.
Mind you, he really does eat an entire bowl of frosting like he does ice cream all the time.

Double chocolate cupcake with Vanilla buttercream frosting.

Mini Fresh Strawberry cupcakes with roasted Banana cream cheese frosting.

Mini cupcakes - epitome of EVIL.
thee hee heee.... rubs hands together
And I love mini cute things. Especially when they are delicious too.
I can pop about 6 mini cupcakes at any one time. Hmmmmmmm... cupcakes.......

Fresh orange cupcakes with Grandmarnier dark chocolate ganache
I should have dressed it with my marshmallow flowers.... but we ate them all before I could even decorate them, did get this photo though.

Banana cupcakes with mini butterscotch chocolate cups & burnt caramel buttercream frosting & topped with chocolate shavings.
Phew! Say all that without taking a breath.

Playing with some frosting designs. Which one is your favourite?
Mine's with the cluster of rosettes, so .... 'wedding like' don't you think?

Oh no, I feel like a cupcake now. So.... gonna go make me some cupcakes, later! :OP