Monday, September 5, 2011

Teachers need to feel the love sometimes too

A new year of school begins this week, but in BC, Canada, 
teachers are starting the new year by going on strike.
To be honest, I have no children, so I haven't really paid much attention to what all the hoopla's about.
I believe teachers are beacons to children's future and they hold the key to tomorrow's state of humanity.  I hold teachers in the highest regard and feel that their contribution to our children and society is of the utmost importance.
But! Seriously.
Teachers need to be more appreciated. 
An appreciated teacher is a happy teacher. 
A happy teacher will genuinely love their job, and if they love their job, they will give their very best at all times to every single child.
A teacher gives knowledge, shares their experiences, guides and disciplines.
A good teacher inspires, encourages, and will have a profound effect on a child's life forever.

I'd also like to thank my high school teachers from Mowbray College, Australia
who inspired me, guided me and positively influenced me.
Mr. O'Shea for being my rock when I began a new life in Australia as a scared little girl.
Mr. Winder who taught me individuality and that it was ok to simply be me.
And most importantly, Mr. Graham Vohmann, if by change you ever read this, I never had the chance to tell you this personally, but you were my father figure, whom I will respect and remember with fond and grateful memories, forever.
Thank you all.

Give your teachers the recognition, honor and respect they deserve.

Give your teachers the recognition, honor and respect they deserve.

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