Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Flower Cookie Bouquet

Summer Flower Cookie Bouquet by Cookievonster

I knew it.
This day would come sooner or later.The unavoidable 'Cookie Bouquet'. I've made cookie pops before but no one has ever requested for a cookie bouquet, till now YEAY! Finally!
Shhh.... I secretly always wanted to make one.

I turned to my garden for the inspiration of course. I love my little humble garden that is spotted with blue, purple pink and white flowers, and little pops of yellow and reds. I don't have a well organized garden, I see something I like and I 'll buy one of them,
stick 'em in the ground into any spot I can find and pray over it :OP
Its packed with more plants that my little patch can handle but I still buy plants all summer long. So yes, I have hanging baskets, things climbing on fences and I also turned my solarium into a green house. Everything is so LOVELY!!!!
Bees are buzzing in my garden too and don't ask me why.... but I like to follow them about the garden and watch them enjoy the flowers as much as I do.

So here it is every body. My very first Cookie Flower Bouquet.

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  1. Cookie bouquet sounds pretty amazing I would want a bouquet of cookie flowers. :)