Saturday, April 10, 2010

A poem for Cookievonster...

I was buzzing about my house of course, when I heard the 'You've got mail!' DING! *that would be the email "ding", not the door kind :OP

So I dropped the mop and went to see who was so nice to have thought of me today and had sent me mail. I love getting mail, any kind of mail. I do prefer the 'real' kind of course, especially the care packs which my family always sends to me from home.

It was my friend Connie who organizes the Vancouver Baker's Market. Cute as a button she is!

It was THE BEST mail I had ever received. She wrote and emailed me a POEM about Cookievonster. How awesome is that? Sorry mum dad and sisters... this beats all your mails.

Someone actually wrote me a POEM!


How Awesome and So sweet! And I love it! I'm so touched.

Thanks Connie, you are sooooooo sweet!!!!!!!!!! And talented! Ahhh... what other hidden talents do you have Connie?

Here's the Poem , I've read it like 10 times since I got it about 10 mins ago :O)

twas the night before (by Connie Mar)

‘Twas the night before Baker’s Market,

When all through her friend’s house,

Not a child was stirring, not even a mouse.

The Cookievonster would sneak in to bake up a storm,

A magical night where sugar cookies and creations are born!

Hmmm…what shapes to make?

So much to bake!

Sugar cookies galore,

shaped like bunnies, bees, flowers and more.

The cookies line up like little toy soldiers all waiting their turn

For a flood of icing and new techniques Evon has learned!

Some of them even lust

For a tiny bit more sugar dust!

Hooray, hooray! It’s Saturday.

A beautiful day to go to the Baker’s Market.

One by one, the cookies are bought

With coins from piggy banks or whatever you’ve got.

Oh boy, what joy! Such beauty in each one.

It’s a beautiful day, go and enjoy the sun.


  1. Hi - I bought some of your stuff today and I loved it! Will you be selling the 7-up & date scones again? I ate them earlier and I'm already jonesing! -Jen

  2. Hi Jen,
    Oooo, i'm so glad you enjoyed the goodies.
    And yeap, the Scones will be the one staple item for my Tea Party Box every week, (all tea parties needs scones no? heh heh) so will definately have some next week. See you soon then. Have a fantabulous week :O)

  3. Wow!!! a poem specially just for Cookievonster!! how loved you are!!!!! :-)you do make AMAZING cookies....too bad you're so far away!!!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE all your new's like looking at paintings..but on a cookie!!! :-) and they taste amazing too...such a dilemma...looks too good to eat, but it tastes so good you just have to eat it....keep it up!!