Thursday, November 18, 2010

Give the Free gift of a Smile & Hug this holiday season... and some Cookievonster Cookies!

What is the most contagious thing in the world?
An ugly ugly Frown.
And there is no pretty kind too.

Yeap, sad to say... human beings are unconsciously 'conditioned' to seek out and react with negative energy.
Start your day stressed, worried, angry, whether it be caused by yourself, a situation or someone else... you are guaranteed to bump into negative situations and people all day long.
That's the simple law of attraction.

What is the most powerful thing in the world?
A Smile.
What is the most powerful contagious thing?
(if we let ourselves be aware of it..)
Still ...a Smile

Scientifically, there has been many debates about how many actual muscles it takes to frown and how many it takes to smile. This however has been proven, a frown is followed by stress, anger, and all the negative energy you can muster.
What a waste of energy.
A Smile.... it lifts your soul, sets you free and some say, and I believe... is healing.
And... its FREE!

In the world we live in today, we need to spread a little more positive energy.
This holiday season give the positive energy of love.
Love has many different levels.
You can love your partner, your kids, and your parents.
You can also love a total stranger.
Its just an energy that you chose to project.

A Smile is Free, and given genuinely, it spreads like wild fire.
A joyous Smile plus a Hug.....
Volcanic eruption of joy and happiness!

I love hugging people!
Come visit me at one of my Holiday Markets this season.
Guaranteed a Free Smile from me, and if you like...
Definitely a Free Hug too!

Oh btw...if you smile at someone who frowns, even if they don't share and return the same energy,
it sure will drive them crazy,
which usually sets me off into a hissy fit of uncontrollable laughter!

Dates and details of my up and coming Holiday markets will be posted up soon.
Pls chk bk soon.


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