Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Cream Cheese chocolate fudge cookie

It was one of those nights where I was tossing and turning in bed unable to fall asleep. When that happens, I usually think of food and end up making myself a vegemite cheese sandwich, or a vegemite banana cheese toast sandwich… I know… it’s a bit odd but I love it.However, that night I thought best to skip a late night supper. Unfortunately, that just made me think of food all night long. But then again, I am always thinking about food. I’m greedy like that :OPSome people read novels in bed, some read magazines, I read recipe books or surf online for recipes, and imagine cooking or baking them and what they taste like. I want to make everything I read, especially when there are pictures that just make me drool. Needless to say, I always end up getting even hungrier in the middle of the night and end up going down to have my sandwich anyway.
My mum makes a pretty wicked chocolate marbled cheesecake and that was on my mind that night, simply because I was craving chocolate. Then I thought to myself, “ that would be a pretty good cookie too”. I got all excited and surfed the net, and sure enough, there are lots of chocolate cream cheese cookie recipes out there. Yum yum!
The following days, I tried a couple of recipes out. All of them mixed the cream cheese into the dough, and I didn’t find that the cream cheese flavour stood out enough. If it was going to be a cream cheese cookie, I would like the see the cream cheese and taste it, just like my mum’s marbled cheese cake.
So instead of mixing the cream cheese into the dough, I marbled it in. I was so happy with it, because it sure looked pretty and mum would be proud. Heh heh...

Still, I really wanted the cream cheese to be more profound. The trial went on and on, until I thought of the ‘thumb print’ cookies. Why not just stick a dollop of cream cheese in the middle? Well, the end product ended up becoming my Signature and best selling cookie, and my very own favourite cookie. Never do I fail to make some extra ones for myself when I have an order for it. It taste just like a rich creamy chocolate truffle that has a little crunch but still melts in your mouth.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum!
After writing about it, I have to go and make myself some right now when I log off *wink*

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