Monday, November 23, 2009

Going to the Vancouver Baker's Market...

I have been super busy lately and therefore had not had the time to update my site. As many of you know, I joined the VANCOUVER BAKER'S MARKET a month ago and have been baking like a mad woman! This would be the very first time I sold my cookies and cakes 'commercially'.
Please visit the market's website at for more details.

My first market day was on a Saturday on November 7th. Boy was I unorganized on the very 1st day. Preparing for a Bake Sale I believe is much harder than opening a restaurant or bar :OP
I think I baked enough goodies to feed an entire village!!! I had no sleep the night before and was tired and wired at the same time, but it was a great experience and I sure learned my lesson fast after that.
The following market days, I was more organized and knew what better to expect, so its been fantabulous ever since.
So far I've met a lot of great people and as long as I get to bake, I've been having a ball!!! Thanks to everyone who had supported me and my cookies and cakes, yes you all know who you are, so I am sending all of you some gigantic big big hugs.
Above are some photos that I managed to take of some of my baking before I ran off to the market.
Next Saturday on 12 December will be my last day at the Baker's Market. Do drop by if you are free, come buy some cookies for the holidays as gifts, house party or just as sticking stuffers. There are lots and lots of variety of yummy goodies too at the market.

Oh yes, I also joined the Christmas Blim Craft Market on Dec 20 at the Cambrian Hall on Main and 17th. For further details go to their website at
Fun Fun Fun! Tell all our friends to come by :O)
Cheers everyone! I'm in a great holiday spirit!
At the moment I am still baking like a mad woman for all the holiday cookie orders but am LOVIN' IT!

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  1. we really hope that we are in Vancouver now (even if its COLD!!)... wanna order the cookies!!!....