Sunday, October 25, 2009

Holidays are drawing near.....

I prepared some holiday cookie design samples this year to cater for the holiday season. I sat down one week and sketched a whole bunch of designs. I selected the themes that I really liked and worked out sets for them as I went along. This of course gave me a chance to go and shop for more cookie cutters to add to my little collection, but trying to buy holiday themed cookie cutters in late summer deemed to be quite the challenge. However, I did managed to find some, but lately have seen a lot more Christmas cookie cutters at the stores now. Guess I will just have to go shopping again... awww... such hard work but someone's got to do it :O)

Besides the 3D Gingerbread Christmas Trees, I made a set of Wreaths, a set of Red & Green Christmas cookies, a set of Elegant White Series, a set of Red & White series, Set of Baby Blue & White and a set of Hanukkah Star of David series.
Each set comes in a Dozen of cookies decorated with lots of details and full of Love.

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